Sustainability and values

Sustainability and material quality policy

Behind the Spanish brand JMUM, more than just being a brand that produces jewels that are unique timeless and of limited production, it is a brand that maintains a love for people, sustainable design and a respect for our planet.

All our jewels are produced in Spain and made by hand and are finished in gold and sterling silver. This way we assure that our artisanal quality is maximised from start of production to the finish product.

Our promise, together with innovation and our passion for creativity is responsible sustainable design in all of our products.

We know that the impact of jewellery production can be harmful for the environment like any other industry. In this respect, as time goes on more and more creative professionals are betting on the attractiveness of ethically, sustainably designed jewellery for their customers with information that is honest and transparent.

At the same time, we have taken into account the packaging and wrapping materials that are represented by the company, JMUM, with a product line packaged in materials that are 100% natural and reusable, like cardboard and cotton, being an environmentally sound alternative to plastic for the transportation and storage of our jewellery.


The sustainability of a jewel is measured by:

  • The respect to the environment through the use of natural materials and ecological products.
  • Sustainability of a product throughout its useful lifespan.
  • The beauty and exclusivity of the piece, through factors that influence the
    wellbeing of the person who will wear them.
  • The products durability which is designed to last in the long term.
  • The designs quality that encompasses every detail.
  • The satisfaction of our customers that favours the development and the
    strengthening of our company in the market.
  • Good packaging that solidifies the image of our brand and ensures the
    longevity of the products they contain.

Consult our care information for our jewellery to maintain our pieces in the best condition for the longest time possible.


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