privacy policy

To place an order on all users must register first and become customers. The data provided will be stored in the database of JMUM, based in Madrid (Spain), calle Toledo, 54 -6º Interior, Izquierda, postcode 28005, with the ID number B-50761395G, with the aim of processing orders and helping customers make subsequent orders quickly and easily. By sharing your personal information, you will open an account on JMUM and, in the event that you ever want to shop with us again, we will have your data.

Additionally, in the event that you give your consent, we will use this information to let you know, by email and/or mail, about new products, special offers and news relating to the products offered on this website.

JMUM guarantees that the information provided by clients will not be shared with third parties. The information provided will be stored on the JMUM server using an SSL protocol, and will only be transmitted in an encrypted form, to ensure confidentiality. The server automatically recognises the IP address, date and access and exit time of the website, as well as any downloaded files.

Your personal data will be treated in accordance with Law 15/99 of the 13 of
December, on Personal Data Protection and other relevant legislation in Spain. The users of this website may access, rectify and cancel any information included by requesting it in writing, either by email or mail to JMUM, on Calle Toledo, 54 – 6º Interior, izquierda, 28005 Madrid.


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