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The search for learning has been a perspective which has constantly guided Juana Muñoz from a young age until now, leading to a change in her career and choosing to leave her routine job to dedicate herself to designing jewellery for her brand.

Her interest for aesthetics, coupled with her professional experience in fashion, communication, image and design; a mixture of cultures, after being born and raised in the Dominican Republic, having lived in London, Tel Aviv, New York and more recently, Madrid, have all contributed to her ability to design unique pieces and limited edition pieces which make up the JMUM collections.   

She received her jewellery design training at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Madrid and participated in the 5th Edition of the Creative Industries Network’s Business Management course. Juana has worked with known brands such as Zara, Sybila, Mediaset España and IED Madrid. This past experience has contributed to the growth and strengthening of Juana’s professional network and allowed her to learn about important aspects of the industry first-hand.

juana mum

about the brand

JMUM, Jewels you wear inside, is a jewellery brand which rewards the complicity between mothers and daughters The pieces are designed to reconstruct the bonds which are broken at birth and which are re-established through the protection offered by mothers, who help their daughters grow, creating a complicity which ends up becoming mutual devotion.

A relationship which is reflected through geometric shapes, colours, sizes, and finishes, to develop the emotional codes that link mothers and daughters, and which emerge from the unconditional love they feel for one another.

The collection is complemented with a line for contemporary and empowered women, who are free to express their emotions, who work hard, love their life and make the most of each moment.

They wear jewellery with ease at work, meetings, dinner parties and the unexpected parties they attend. For more sophisticated occasions: fantasy pieces, unique pieces or personalised designs.

jmum pieces are intimate biographies which are worn against the skin and which promote women’s self-confidence and connect with fragments from different times in their life, to transcend the female lineage.

designs | materials

Clean, simple, elegant and sensuous designs which convey complicity and femininity through contrasts of geometric shapes, curves and colour.

On the basis of traditional jewellery metals, on this occasion, silverplated (3 microns) with different finishes: rose gold, yellow gloss or matte and silver, is the key element in the 2018 jmum collection, which has been produced with great love and attention.

Onyx plays an important role as a contrast to metal, as well as natural materials, beads and colored thread provide pops of colour in some product lines.


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